Client Service

Client Service

Five-star service in World

Create No.1 service in road construction industry

Responsible     Think what you think, do what you want.
Professional     Specialized skills mean professional service.
Careful         Details make our future
Confident       Confidence is our commitment to you
Relieved        6 service points and “400” hot line clear all your concern.

Top 10 of China After-sales service

The glories belong to the past, the ability fight for the future.
Service is that of value       we deeply understand the basic words of service: exhaustive, considerate, honest and promptly
Service is a kind of guarantee  To solve your problem, we own a full service management and wide service network.
Service is the meaning of communication    24-hours hot line at all conditions.
Five-star service is the first brand of sub-industry in China. More understanding, more caring is our motto to provide road construction industry with constantly caring service, in view of active, professional,efficient and humanization after-sales service.
As a result of the whole process of producing and marketing covered by our great pleasure, our products are the intermediary to make you enjoy the comfortable purchase experience

Metong was the first enterprise of China road construction industry to launched the nationwide customer service number “4008”  in 2006.

As the core content of our Metong full service, “400” number brought all clients precise, sweet, efficient and professional, comprehensive international services
Whatever consultation, response, recommendation, installation, debugging, maintenance, guidance, we focus on all the details,.
“400” number is also the window display of Metong service, which reflected our understanding of customer service---meet different requirement, maintain the perfect quality.

For our prestige ,For your quality

Serve all over the world

METONG'S commitment

24 hours hotline at all conditions.Full scale services go through the whole time!
The good quality along with efficient service make your work much easier !

After-sale service

Follow up the use condition of the machine every month
Free training, and recondition of the machine accordingly.  (accroding to the products)
New research of construction technology information provide freely in long-term.
Assist to make suitable engineering construction scheme.
Parts deliver to worksite for during warranty period. After-sale engineer teach the maintenance and troubleshooting skills
Lifelong time repair, parts privilege
Set up your equipments using profiles.

High-level training conference Meets customer's developing needs

Metong invites famous experts from domestic organizations to provide our customers professional improvement and training at every years training conference. Zhejiang university, Fudan university, Changan university, Shijiazhuang railway institutes, china engineering construction association, CHTS and so on. 
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