Fiber Chip Sealer

Fiber Chip Sealer

The fiber sealing technology is a new process referred to the simultaneous spraying of asphalt (usually emulsified asphalt) and glass fiber by one equipment, then spread the aggregate on it to form a new wear layer or stress absorption interlayer. The broken fiber filaments form a uniform irregular network structure, after combining with asphalt, it can greatly increase the strength of bituminous bonding layer, and effectively prevent cracks on the original old surface layer or cracks in the roadbed from reflecting the overburden. It can also prevent the upper-stress cracks to interlink with the lower part, which has good absorption and dispersion capability, superior waterproofness, and can prevent the roadbed/surface layer from being damaged and interconnected. This technology is a revolutionary new technology for the maintenance and construction of asphalt pavement in the world, which prolongs the service life of the road.
  • Synchronous Fiber Sealer (2 In 1)

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  • Fiber Chip Sealer (3 In 1)

    Brief introduction of Fiber Chip Sealer (3 in 1)LMT5316TFCW fiber chip sealer is independently developed by our company based on our construction engineering experience and equipment manufacturing exp... Fiber Chip Sealer (3 In 1)
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