Characteristics and Superiority of Emulsified Asphalt

Characteristics and Superiority of Emulsified Asphalt

(1) Improving road quality

The characteristics of emulsified asphalt determine that it has the effect that ordinary hot asphalt does not easily achieve. It is used as the permeable oil, a layer of oil, and a layering method. The amount of spreading can be precisely controlled during spraying, with good penetration and adhesion. The asphalt content of the emulsified asphalt can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it can reach 67%. The mixing is more uniform and the asphalt film is very thin. In addition, due to the charge on the surface of the emulsified asphalt, the asphalt particles can be closely adsorbed to the surface of the mineral. The emulsifier also acts as an anti-stripping agent to enhance the adhesion between the leaching and the stone.

(2) Expanding the scope of asphalt use

With the continuous development of emulsified asphalt technology, there are many hot asphalts that cannot be achieved, and emulsified asphalt can be realized.

(3) Energy conservation

Emulsified asphalt production requires only one heating, and the asphalt temperature is only 120~140 °C. Although the emulsifier aqueous solution requires heating, emulsification, mechanical power consumption, etc., according to statistical calculations, the use of emulsified asphalt to build roads can save more than 50% of heat energy than hot asphalt.

(4) Saving materials

The emulsified asphalt contains about 40% water, which is equivalent to diluting the asphalt to a concentration of 60% with water. Therefore, the amount of asphalt can be controlled more accurately during construction. In addition, the emulsified asphalt can form a thin and uniform asphalt film on the surface of the mineral material, ensuring sufficient structural asphalt between the mineral materials and reducing the free asphalt to a suitable level. Therefore, the amount of asphalt can be significantly reduced. The average saving asphalt material is 15%~45%.

(5) Environmental protection and safety

Emulsified asphalt does not require high temperature and long-term heating during the production process. The construction process is normal temperature and it only evaporates water, avoiding environmental pollution and scalding accidents of hot asphalt.

(6) Easy to use

Emulsified asphalt can be stored at room temperature for a long time. It can be sprayed and mixed without heating, and it does not need to heat the mineral material. It can be applied under the condition of dampness and low temperature. This greatly facilitates production and construction.

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