What Is the Difference between Emulsified Asphalt and Asphalt?

What Is the Difference between Emulsified Asphalt and Asphalt?

What is asphalt?

Asphalt is a dark brown complex mixture of hydrocarbons of different molecular weights and their non-metallic derivatives. It is liquid, semi-solid or solid and is an organic gelling material that is resistant to moisture.

What is emulsified asphalt?

The emulsified asphalt is the milky liquid asphalt obtained by dispersing molten pitch fine particles (1 to 6 μm) in an aqueous medium of an emulsifier. It can be stored at room temperature and can be mixed into asphalt glue, asphalt mortar, asphalt concrete, etc. without heating. A stable emulsion obtained by uniformly dispersing asphalt fine particles in an aqueous solution containing an emulsifier can be used as a material for road construction. When the emulsified asphalt is demulsified and solidified, it is reduced to continuous asphalt and the moisture is completely eliminated, and the final strength of the road material can be formed.

In many road construction applications, emulsified asphalt provides a safer, more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly system than hot asphalt because it avoids high temperature operation, heating and harmful emissions.

Emulsified asphalt is mainly used for road upgrading and maintenance, such as stone chip sealing. There are also a variety of unique and alternative applications for asphalt materials such as cold mixes and slurry seals. Emulsified asphalt can also be used in new road construction, such as adhesive layer oil and permeable oil. It can also be used for waterproofing materials in construction projects.

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