Fiber Chip sealer Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting

Fiber Chip sealer Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting


Trouble phenomenon

Cause analysis

Elimination method


The P.T.O could not be put into gear

Barometric pressure is insufficient, gas pipe leaks gas

Examine the air compressor, does the pressure regulating valve have trouble, replace the gas pipe

Electrical switch is damaged

Replace the switch

Solenoid valve is damaged

Replace the solenoid valve


Asphalt pump does not rotate

Trouble in hydraulic system

Eliminate trouble in hydraulic system

Solid object is jammed

Dismantle asphalt pump to take out solid object

Asphalt is stuck

Flushing of diesel oil, add waste gas for baking


Hydraulic motor does not rotate or its revolving speed is slow

Overflow valve is jammed, pressure is low

Dismantle and purge the overflow valve, readjust pressure

Coil of directional valve has no electric power or is burnt

Examine the line or replace coil

Oil temperature is high, there is no pressure

Refer to 5

Hydraulic pump or motor is seriously worn

Replace hydraulic pump or motor


Hydraulic oil temperature is high (above 85℃)

Hydraulic oil is too little

Supplement hydraulic oil

Drag of asphalt pump is too great, long-term oil leakage from overflow valve under high pressure

Examine asphalt pump and overflow valve

Oil suction filter is blocked

Purge the filter


Burner could not be ignited

There is no electric power

Examine the generator, the switch in the temperature control box

Filter is too dirty, oil pipe is blocked

Purge the filter, blow the oil pipe by high-pressure air

Carbon accumulation on burner or it is blocked

Dismantle and purge burner

Oil supply pump is worn, the oil pressure is too low

Replace the oil supply pump of burner


Operation of asphalt pump is normal, no asphalt is sprayed out

Position of asphalt valve is not correct

Adjust position of valve by 3 (5)

Asphalt blocking at the oil suction opening

If hot asphalt is used, wait for itself dissolving, or heat by heat transfer oil

Asphalt filter is blocked

Take out and purge

Asphalt blocking at oil-out pipeline

Heat, bake or dredge by heat transfer oil


The spray pressure is insufficient or is intermittent

Filter gauze of asphalt filter is blocked

Clear off

Gas leakage from the filter cover

Sealing, cover tightly

Air valve of main pipeline is not tightly closed

Close tightly

Asphalt temperature is too low

Heat asphalt to the stipulated temperature

Return valve (No.7) is not closed tightly

Close tightly the return valve (No.7)

Asphalt pump is seriously worn

Repair or replace asphalt pump

Working of hydraulic system is unstable

Examine the hydraulic system

Trouble in control system

Examine the measured pump speed and voltage


Asphalt spray is uneven

Spray pressure is insufficient

Examine and adjust by the above column

Impurities blocking at nozzle

Purge impurities


Self-priming refill of asphalt, failed priming

Asphalt oil-in valve is not closed tightly, the return valve (No. 7) is not opened

Examine valve

Gas leakage from the filter cover

Seal, cover tightly

The air valve of main pipeline is not closed tightly

Close tightly

Asphalt temperature is too low

Heat asphalt to the stipulated temperature

Gas leakage from the self-priming pipe joint

Add seal gasket, clamp tightly

Asphalt storage tank is too far or too low

Change the condition, otherwise, self-priming shall be prohibited


Overflow of heat transfer oil

Heat transfer oil is too full

Reduce heat transfer oil

Water entering into heat transfer oil system

Heat, dehydrate

The brand of the newly supplemented heat transfer oil is different, or its moisture content is too high

Replace heat transfer oil


Asphalt permeation from the asphalt pump

The filler at journal is worn

Appropriately screw the nut or the packing

The above table is for reference only. If you cannot correctly judge the failure and exclusion, please consult our service department.

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