Fiber Chip Sealer (3 In 1)
Fiber Chip Sealer (3 In 1)

Fiber Chip Sealer (3 In 1)

Fiber Chip Sealer (3 In 1) VIDEO
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Brief introduction of Fiber Chip Sealer (3 in 1)

LMT5316TFCW fiber chip sealer is independently developed by our company based on our construction engineering experience and equipment manufacturing experience of many years. This hi-tech equipment is able to combine the systems of asphalt binder spray, fiber spray, and aggregates spreading into one entire process. It effectively repairs the cracking in the pavement and extends the road service life. It can be used for the stress absorbing layer, wearing layer,under-sealed layer, bridge waterproof layer and reconstruction of old cement pavement.

Features of Fiber Chip Sealer (3 in 1)

1. Good stress absorption and dispersion ability
2. Higher waterproof function
3. Higher wearing feature
4. Higher stability
5. Rapid construction speed

Performance of Fiber Chip Sealer (3 in 1)

A 15-year performance tracking experiment in four different countries at Texas A&M University further demonstrated that fiber seals can significantly improve the quality of asphalt pavements:
1. Tensile strength increased by more than 30%;
2. Anti-rust performance increased by more than 300%;
3. Anti-fatigue performance increased by more than 30%.

Main Characteristics of Fiber Chip Sealer (3 in 1)

1. Precise spray volume, the perfect realization of three overlapping asphalt spraying with nice uniformity;
2. Intelligent control spraying volume, real-time monitoring spraying volume, and speed, closed-loop control;
3. Full Computer touch screen operation, optional video surveillance system, can observe the whole work process at any time;
4. Main parts imported, Reliable performance;
5. Started-from-zero spaying strong spaying technology;
6. The control system uses a modular design (low failure rate, quick and easy maintenance);
7. The spraying width can be adjusted at any time during the spraying process;
8. With the backup system, when the main control system fails, it can still spray manually.
9. Fiber can be cut to 30, 60, 120mm.


Fiber Chip Sealer



Trade mark


Dimension (length/width/height mm)


Tank volume (m3/density)






Vehicle type

High top 8×4 rear drive

Working speed(km/h)


Maximum flow of asphalt pump (L/r)


Maximum spreading width (m)


Asphalt spreading volume (L/m2)


Fiber silo capacity (m3)


Fiber spreading width (m)


Fiber cutting length 9mm)


Fiber spreading volume (g/m2)


Drive system

Hydraulic drive

Maximum pressure of hydraulic system (MPa)


Heat preservation way of asphalt pump

Heat transfer oil

Cleaning way

High pressure air cleaning and diesel cleaning

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