SBS Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant
SBS Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant

SBS Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant

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SBS modified bitumen application

As a pavement material, SBS modified bitumen is applied widely in high-grade highways, urban roads, airport runways and other important traffic on the road. While, polymer modified bitumen also can be used in wearing layer (drainage or suction sound) and waterproof layer(under seal coat); in stress absorbing film middle-layer, to reduce reflection crack; in old road pavement ; in thin and super thin bitumen surface layer plus for the overload traffic road of old pavement, to improve durability; in surface treatment of old pavement or new General Highway, to recovery pavement using performance or reduced conservation workload.
1. High-temperature resistance, low-temperature resistance, strong adaptability;
2. Good toughness, anti-fatigue, increases the bearing capacity of pavement;
3. Resistance to water, oil and UV radiation and slows down aging;
4. Stable performance, long service life, lower maintenance cost.

Brief introduction of SBS Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant

Metong MTG15 SBS Polymer modified bitumen plant is advanced processing technology is particularly suitable for modification processing SBS, SBR, MAC and other modifiers. HMI and PLC using a combination of control methods, can visualize the entire production process unfolded, Centralized control, Easy to operate. The key parts and components selected international advanced level of high-quality products imported or domestic products, Greatly improving the reliability of equipment operation.

Advantage of SBS Polymer Modified Bitumen Plant

1. The advanced processing technology is particularly suitable for SBS, SBR, MAC modifier, such as processing, the stability of coupled with proprietary technology, solve the segregation of PMB.
2. High shear colloid mill: Core of SBS modified bitumen plant, the gap is adjustable (0.01mm-20mm).
3. Bearing oil seal and other main parts adopt Japan brand imported; The bearing block with the water circulation cooling device; The colloid mill with heat-conducting oil system, covered with closed-end insulation devices.
4. Automatic control for the two premixed tanks working alternately.
5. Control system with HMI and PLC can monitoring the entire production process image visually displayed, centralized control and easy operation.
6. Key parts and components are selected from international imported or domestic top brands, greatly improving the reliability of equipment operation.
7. Modular design is easier for installation&testing and rapid production. The plant can be used with bitumen factory, asphalt mixing plant.
Category Item Parameter
General Parameters Productivity 15T/h 20T/h
Operating Voltage 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Total Power ≤125kW ≤132kW
Main PlantDimension 11500×2200mm×2500mm, 15t 11500×2200mm×2500mm, 15t
Ratio 100:1-100:10 100:1-100:10
Structure Type Container Type Container Type
Measuring Bitumen Flowmeter Flowmeter
Polymer Modifier Frequency screw+Weight Loss Scale Frequency screw+Weight Loss Scale
Mix dispensing system High shear colloid mill 15t/h, 45kW 20t/h, 55kW
Base Asphalt Pump 680L/min, 11kW 680L/min, 11kW
Base Asphalt PumpFilter 50m³/h 50m³/h
Spiral plate heat exchanger 100㎡ 100㎡
Temperature Sensor PT100 PT100
Premix tank 4m³ 4m³
Modifier Powderfeed screw 6m³/h, 4kW 6m³/h, 4kW
ModifierWeighing hopper 0.7m³ 1m³
Mixture Output Pump 400L/min, 7.5kW 400L/min, 7.5kW
Air supply system Air Compressor 0.7m³/min, 3kW 0.7m³/min, 4kW
Control system Inverter M440 M440
Reactor System Reactor Tanks 25m³ 25m³
Delivery Pump 680L/min, 11kW 680L/min, 15W
Heating System Oil Boiler 800,000KCAL 800,000KCAL
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