Drummed Asphalt Melter (Decanter)
Drummed Asphalt Melter (Decanter)

Drummed Asphalt Melter (Decanter)

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Drummed Asphalt Melter is very quickly melting equipment for Barreled asphalt. It works with hot oil boiler to features high thermal efficiency, quick dumping, low labor intensity and less pollution.

Main features of Drummed Asphalt Melter

1. Environmental protection: it adopts Closed structure without pollution;

2. Energy Saving: Use the exhaust gas (320~450℃) of the heat conduction oil stove to heat the barrel (the final exhaust temperature is about 150 ℃). The Closed structure can save energy by 50% than the open ones;

3. Uses the 320~450℃ exhaust gas directly to heat the barrel wall, after finished, the barrel is very clean without bitumen on the barrel wall.this does not cause waste and pollutes the environment;

4. Automatic slag removal: This equipment has advanced structure, with internal automatic slag discharging and external slag cleaning function;

5. It is suitable for all kinds of barrels at home and abroad;

6. Good dehydration: using large displacement asphalt pump for internal circulation, agitation, when water vapor Overflow, it will be sucked into the atmosphere by the fan to achieve dehydration;

7. Safe and reliable: It adopts automatic control system, imported automatic ignition burner. It can realize automatic control according to oil temperature. Meanwhile, it equipped with corresponding monitoring instrument;

8. Ease of relocation: container structure, convenient relocation, quick assembly.



Productivity (t/h) (Environment temperature≥25℃)


Bitumen temperature (℃)


No. Barrels (Barrel/one time)


Bitumen storage volume  m3


Heat conducting oil boiler


Boiler capacity (kw)


Boiler temp. (℃)


Boiler dimension (L×W×H)(mm)



Model: JM0.3; Power: 1.1 kw; Speed: 11m/min

Induced draft fan

Model: Y5-47, Power: 3 kw

Flux: 4070m3/h, Wind pressure: 890Pa

Asphalt pump

Model:YCB-25, Power: 7.5 kw; Flux: 25m3/h

Trolley Decelerate

Model: JRTS77D100L4/B

Power: 3KW  Out rpm: 26 r/min

Max. Trolley Working speed

Speed: 11.45 m/min

Total power (kw)

< 30

Total weight (t)


Total Dimension (didn’t include boiler) (L×W×H)(mm)


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