Operation of Asphalt Mixing Machine When It Stops

Operation of Asphalt Mixing Machine When It Stops

1. The hoist, flat belt, fuel pump and asphalt pump can be closed after the production is completely finished. However, the drying drum rotating motor and other motors connected to it, the induced draft fan, the inclined belt, etc. must be stopped until the inlet temperature of the precipitator drops to 50 °C.

2. After the asphalt machine stops entering the cold material, the dust collector must be kept running for 10-20 minutes, so that it can completely complete some cleaning cycles.

3. When the end of production or the stoppage time is more than 2 hours, it is necessary to add enough grease to the lubrication points of the mixing pot in time. The new grease on the end faces of each lubrication part is subject to the occurrence of new grease. When adding grease, the mixing pot must be in operation.

4. When using computer to control the production of asphalt machine, all the production data required for the day should be printed before the computer is turned off, and the statistical data should be cleaned as needed.

5. Turn off the console power. Turn off the power key counterclockwise and remove the key after turning off the main power switch on the power cabinet.

6. Release the water in the gas storage tank.

7. Clean up the top rail, finished product warehouse, pulling trolley, waste bin and waste toner storage tank of the finished silo in time.

8. Organize the original materials for production and archive them.

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