What Properties Should Asphalt Materials For Road Use Possess?

What Properties Should Asphalt Materials For Road Use Possess?

The asphalt repair supplies used for pavement repairing is different from the ordinary hot mix asphalt mixture. The asphalt mixture is prepared in advance, packed and stored in bags. When pits are found on the road surface, it can be transported to the site at any time to repair the road surface.

Because it is usually stored in the warehouse and paved and compacted at room temperature, it is called storage Cold-paved asphalt mixture. Hot material cold repairing technology is suitable for repairing damaged pavement in rainy season. If asphalt pavement is put into use, a large number of pits will appear in rainy season. If not repaired in time, this kind of pit will deteriorate, seriously affecting the use of road surface.

The principle of hot material cold repairing technology is to fill pits along the highway temporarily with cold repairing material, compact the pavement with roller, make the pavement meet the traffic requirements temporarily, and then repair pits of asphalt pavement with hot repairing equipment-Radiation heating after the rain stops.

This technology combines the advantages of two kinds of repairing technology, so that the pavement repair is not limited by time and temperature.
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