What Equipment Does Asphalt Plant Need?

What Equipment Does Asphalt Plant Need?

If the asphalt plant only stores turnover asphalt, it only needs heat carrier heat conducting oil boiler and asphalt tank. If you want to further process asphalt, you need other equipment, such as emulsified asphalt equipment, SBS modified asphalt equipment, rubber asphalt equipment, etc. You can also set up asphalt mixing station.

The hot recycling asphalt plant equipment is to transport the old asphalt pavement back to the mixing plant after digging and crushing centrally. According to the quality requirements of different layers of pavement, proportioning design is carried out to determine the proportion of old asphalt mixture. In the mixer, new asphalt materials and aggregates are re-mixed in a certain proportion to synthesize new mixtures, so as to obtain excellent recycled asphalt concrete and pave the recycled asphalt pavement.

The cold recycling asphalt plant equipment is to transport recycled asphalt pavement materials to the mixing plant. After crushing and screening, the recycled asphalt pavement materials are mixed with new aggregates and active fillers in a certain proportion. The technology of asphalt pavement regeneration is to mix moisture at room temperature and pave asphalt pavement structure layer at room temperature. It is mainly used in the base or subbase of high-grade highway. For the old materials which can not be recycled by heat (such as modified asphalt mixture, aging mixture which is difficult to recycle), it can effectively solve the problem of waste materials and environmental pollution. It has been widely used in foreign countries. Practice has proved that it has a very important application value.
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