What Does Bitumen Now Look Like?

What Does Bitumen Now Look Like?

Ordinary heavy bitumen

Compared with residual oil, ordinary heavy-duty bitumen increases the softening point, generally about 45 degrees. Ordinary heavy bitumen reduces the penetration. However, the low temperature crack resistance is still poor, and the high temperature stability is improved, but it still cannot meet the road performance requirements. When using, heat the ordinary heavy bitumen to 170 degrees or more, so that it mixes or sprays with the aggregate at the right viscosity.

Modified bitumen

The modifier (such as SBS, SBR, PE, EVA, etc.) is uniformly mixed into the ordinary heavy-duty bitumen by high-temperature grinding or shearing, which improves the softening point of the bitumen material and reduces the penetration degree, so that the bitumen material is more Suitable for road use. When the modified bitumen is used, the temperature is heated to above 170 degrees, and it is mixed or sprayed with the aggregate.

Rubber bitumen

The powdery particles formed by pulverizing the used tires are uniformly dispersed in the bitumen, thereby improving the penetration and softening point of the ordinary bitumen. It is resistant to aging and fatigue, and greatly improves the road performance of ordinary bitumen. When in use, the rubber bitumen is heated to above 190 degrees, and mixed with the aggregate to form a mixture for paving the road.

Common emulsified bitumen

Under high-speed grinding, ordinary bitumen plus soap (water + emulsifier) produces ordinary emulsified bitumen. The solid bitumen at normal temperature is turned into the flowable liquid at normal temperature, so that part of the structural layer and maintenance work of the pavement can be fully cooled. Such as slurry seal layer, adhesive layer, sealing layer, transparent layer, etc. can be realized.

Modified emulsified bitumen

The modified bitumen is processed into the liquid emulsified bitumen at normal temperature by a special process. SBS modified emulsified bitumen is common. This emulsified bitumen road has good performance and has a wide application space. It is the core material of many technologies. The production of such materials is demanding on equipment, materials and processes, and the price is high. At present, there are very few companies that can produce such products in China. More than 65% of the high concentration is one of the cutting-edge products. At present, the highest concentration of this product reaches about 68%.

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