What Are The Methods Of Asphalt Surface Treatment?

What Are The Methods Of Asphalt Surface Treatment?

Asphalt surface treatment is an early form of pavement structure in China, which uses asphalt materials to treat pavement structure. The main purpose is to protect the pavement structure, prolong the pavement life and improve the comfort of driving. There are two ways to treat the asphalt surface: one is the surface of the laying method, similar to the present stone chips seal; The second is the mixing of legal asphalt surface, using asphalt crushed stone or asphalt sand. For the first construction method, bitumen sprayer, stone scrap sprayer, compaction equipment, cleaning equipment and so on should be used. For the second construction method, the equipment needed is asphalt mixing equipment, transport vehicle, paving equipment, compaction equipment and so on.

Pavement machinery is divided into four categories: soil pavement construction machinery, gravel pavement construction machinery, asphalt concrete pavement construction machinery and cement concrete pavement paving machinery. Soil pavement construction machinery is mainly stabilized soil mixing machinery; gravel pavement construction machinery is mainly gravel paver; Concrete pavement construction machinery includes asphalt storage, melting and heating equipment, bitumen sprayer, asphalt concrete mixing equipment, asphalt concrete paver and stone chip spreader.
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