Under-sealed Layer Construction Plan

Under-sealed Layer Construction Plan

The working principle of the synchronous gravel seal is to use the special construction equipment--synchronous gravel sealer to spray the high-temperature asphalt and the clean and dry uniform stone almost simultaneously on the road surface to ensure the combination of asphalt and stone in the shortest time and continuously strengthen the strength under the action of external loads.

Asphalt gravel synchronous sealing layer can use different types of asphalt binder: softened pure asphalt, polymer SBS modified asphalt, emulsified asphalt, polymer modified emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt and the like. At present, the widely used process in China is to heat the ordinary hot asphalt to 140 ° C or to heat the SBS modified asphalt to 170 ° C. The asphalt is spread evenly onto the surface of the rigid or semi-rigid substrate with an asphalt spreader, and the aggregate is evenly spread. The aggregate is made of limestone gravel with a particle size of 13.2~19mm. It should be clean, dry, non-weathered, free of impurities, and has a good particle shape. The amount of crushed stone is between 60% and 70% of the full paved area.

The amount of asphalt and aggregate used is controlled by the maximum amount of 1200 kg•km-2 and 9 m3•km-2, respectively. According to this scheme, the precision of asphalt spraying and aggregate spreading is high, so it is necessary to use a professional asphalt gravel synchronous sealing car for construction. On the top surface of the cement stabilized macadam base which has been sprayed through the layer, spray the hot asphalt or SBS modified asphalt with a dosage of about 1.2~2.0kg•km-2, and then evenly spread a single particle size on the top stone. The size of the crushed stone should match the particle size of the asphalt concrete paved on the waterproof layer. The spreading area is 60%~70% of the full pavement, and then it is formed by the rubber roller for 1~2 times. The purpose of spreading the single-grained gravel is to protect the waterproof layer from being damaged by the construction vehicle tires and asphalt mixture paver tracks during the construction process, and to prevent the modified asphalt from being melted by the high temperature climate and the hot asphalt mixture. Therefore, the modified asphalt sticks wheel and affects the construction.

In theory, the gravel is not in contact with each other. When the asphalt mixture is paved, the high temperature mixture will enter the gravel gap and the modified asphalt film will be melted by heat. After compaction, the white gravel becomes asphalt gravel, and the bottom of the asphalt structural layer is embedded with it to form a whole, and an "oil-rich layer" of about 1.5 cm is formed at the bottom of the structural layer, which can effectively serve as a waterproof layer.

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