How About The Cleaning Efficiency Of Road Recycling Machine?

How About The Cleaning Efficiency Of Road Recycling Machine?

At present, the main types of road recycling machines at home and abroad are ordinary sweepers, vacuum sweepers, pure vacuum cleaners and sewage recycling road recycling machines. 

All kinds of road recycling machines have been widely used in Beijing. Most of the ordinary sweeping trucks collect dust by horizontal rotating side brushes. Because the speed of sweeping is much faster than manual sweeping, the dust is also raised. Because this is the first contact between brush and ground dust, it is called machine sweep dust. 

When the collected dust is fed into the dustbox by a rolling brush or a fan, it will produce conveying dust, which is called machine-swept secondary dust. In order to reduce the primary and secondary dust of the machine, it is usually necessary to spray water on the road surface while cleaning and to use spray dust in the dust storage tank. The cleaning efficiency of the pure air vacuuming car is relatively high for the fine dust on the road surface, and there is no brush wear problem. 

However, due to the large power consumption, slow speed, it is difficult to solve the filtration problem of secondary dust, and because of the high price and other reasons, so the current use is less. Wastewater recycling road cleaning vehicle integrates cleaning and road sweeping, and concentrates the advantages of road sweeping vehicle and road cleaning vehicle. It collects sewage, dust and garbage after using high-pressure water to wash the road dust and collects them into the sewage bin through vacuum suction to achieve road cleaning and cleaning. Its surface cleaning efficiency is higher.
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