What Are The Advantages Of Asphalt Equipment Manufacturers In Production?

What Are The Advantages Of Asphalt Equipment Manufacturers In Production?

1. Modified asphalt equipment is easy to operate, heating and extracting asphalt requires one person to operate, automatic preheating system, free of burning cleaning pipeline.

2. Saving fuel, heating a ton of asphalt requires 20 to 30 kilograms of coal.

3. Modified asphalt equipment heating fast, from ignition to production of high-temperature asphalt, no more than 45 minutes can produce 160-170 degrees of hot asphalt, the heating time is 8 - 10 times longer than that of the heat conducting oil equipment. The automatic circulation program enables the asphalt to enter the heater automatically as required to ensure the efficiency of the system.

4. Less investment in equipment: in the material yard, road class, site installation, equipment with asphalt pump to extract asphalt direct loading. It can also be directly matched with field mixing equipment.

5. Continuous production: high production capacity, 24 hours of uninterrupted production, 8 hours per shift, it can heat 160 degrees of asphalt about 80 tons, with internal circulation device, automatic dehydration, automatic cooling. Preheating is automatically completed, according to the amount of their own use.

Modified emulsified asphalt equipment should be put out of the tank and pipeline for a long time (emulsifier aqueous solution should not be stored for a long time). Each hole cover should be tightly capped and kept clean, and lubricating oil should be added to the running parts. The rust in the tank should be removed and the water filter should be cleaned regularly when the tank is first used and re-opened after a long period of suspension.

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