Performance And Application Of Synchronous Chip Seal Spreader

Performance And Application Of Synchronous Chip Seal Spreader

Synchronous chip seal has good anti-skid and anti-seepage properties. It can effectively solve pavement diseases such as poor oil, granulation, slight net crack, rut, subsidence and so on. This is mainly used for preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance of roads, as well as for improving the skid resistance of high-grade pavement. Both highway and ordinary highway can use this new maintenance technology, and more than 95% of the highways abroad use synchronous chip seal technology for pavement maintenance. In addition, the synchronous chip seal can also be used as a low grade highway surface layer, more than 40% of the highway in abroad use the chip seal spreader as the pavement directly, and the effect is good at present. Therefore, in the case of insufficient capital of highway construction, it is undoubtedly an effective measure to improve the road network pavement rate by adopting low cost synchronous chip seal as low grade road pavement. We can see that chip seal spreader is widely used in many aspects.

The Main Performance Of The Synchronous Chip Seal Spreader Is:

(1)The essence of the synchronous chip seal is the super thin asphalt macadam surface treatment layer, which is bonded by a certain thickness of asphalt film (1-2mm). Its overall mechanical characteristics are flexible. It can increase the crack resistance of the pavement, solve the pavement tortoise net crack problem, reduce the pavement reflection crack, and improve the pavement anti seepage ability. It can be used for road maintenance to extend the pavement service life to more than 10 years. If the polymer modified binder is used, the effect will be better;
(2)The rough surface of synchronous chip seal greatly improves the friction coefficient of the original pavement, i.e. anti-skid performance, and can restore the pavement smoothness to a certain extent;
(3)By adopting the construction method of spreading different particle size stone with local multilayer, the synchronous chip seal can effectively solve the problems of rutting and subsidence above 10cm underground. This is incomparable to other maintenance methods;
(4)The synchronous chip seal is used as the transitional pavement of low grade highway to alleviate the contradiction of serious shortage of funds for highway construction;
(5) Synchronous chip seal is simple in operation, fast in construction speed, and it can also open traffic to limit speed;
(6)Whetherthe synchronous chip seal is used for road maintenance or as a transitional pavement, the performance (service life) of synchronous chip seal spreader is significantly better than other machines, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of roads.
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