Study On Bitumen Sprayer Truck

Study On Bitumen Sprayer Truck

The maintenance seal material of expressway pavement is composed of organic material and chemical material, rich in natural rock asphalt. It will penetrate into the surface asphalt layer and provide a strong protective film for the binder in the asphalt, so that the upper layer and aggregate can be more effectively strengthened and bonded, and activate the original asphaltene to improve the penetration, softening point and caking property of asphaltene.

After spraying on the pavement, it is necessary to seal rainwater and salt, and better retain the basic resin and essential oil. The anti-oxidation protection of surface asphalt layer will not deteriorate further, thus improving the wear resistance, peeling resistance and impermeability of pavement, and prolonging the service life of pavement. With the aid of spreading emery, the surface skid resistance is ensured. After using once, under the same conditions, the service life can be extended to a certain extent than that of untreated pavement.

The technology imports professional advanced binder and emery and uses special sprinkler and road asphalt sprayer to realize the construction of binders and emery. At the same time, it ensures the effective operation of spraying, and does not roller compacting after spraying, so as to achieve an efficient, quality and fast modern maintenance construction concept. 

From the comparison of various preventive maintenance methods, Reynolds Peak has a high cost performance ratio, so it has a good popularization.
With further research and development, its construction and maintenance costs still have room for further reduction.

In summary, the asphalt sprayer has obvious direct economic benefits. Preventive maintenance can reduce resource consumption and make the most efficient use of limited resources. It has great development prospects and potential in the future.
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