Performance Characteristics Of Synchronized Sealing Vehicle

Performance Characteristics Of Synchronized Sealing Vehicle

1. The power system of the main car is adopted in the sealing car, which reduces the failure rate, increases the reliability of the equipment, greatly improves the operation efficiency of the equipment and saves fuel.

2. According to the requirement of spraying quantity and working width, the determinant nozzle can be combined in any form by industrial computer.

3. Sealing car adopts the chassis of China Zhongqi, and the engine is the national V emission. It has the advantages of strong bearing capacity, high power, low fuel consumption, low emissions, stable and portable operation, reliable braking and so on. The cab is equipped with high-grade, automatic air conditioning, comfortable environment and safe driving.

4. Built-in mixing device can not only spray emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt, base asphalt, modified asphalt, but also rubber (powder) asphalt.

5. Fully automatic control, asphalt circulation and spraying can be automatically controlled in the cab, easy to operate;Rubber asphalt macadam synchronous seal spreader has been widely used in highway construction and highway maintenance projects.

It can be used in the construction of upper and lower seals, penetrating layers, waterproof layers, bonding layers, asphalt surface treatment, asphalt penetrating pavement, fog seal layers of different grade highway pavement, as well as in the transportation of liquid asphalt or other heavy oil.
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