How The Construction Of Asphalt Sealer Works

How The Construction Of Asphalt Sealer Works

The base of the asphalt pavement can divided into semi rigid and rigid according to its properties. Because the base and the surface are composed of different materials with different properties. Both of them have good bond and guaranteed continuity are the key points of this kind of pavement. In addition, when the asphalt surface seepage, water will be concentrated in the surface and the base of the joint, resulting in asphalt pavement grouting, loose, pit and other damage. Therefore, it will play a vital role in strengthening the strength, stability and waterproof ability of the pavement structure by adding the sealing layer on the semi-rigid or rigid base. Asphalt synchronized chip sealer is commonly used.

How the construction of asphalt sealer works:

(1) Roller compaction. The waterproof layer cloth can not be rolled immediately after distributor work. Otherwise the high temperature modified asphalt will stick to the tires of the rubber  roller and stick away the gravel. When the temperature of SBS modified asphalt is reduced to about 100℃, the rubber roller is used to stabilize it one time back and forth. The speed of driving is 5~8km /h. The crushed stone is pressed into the modified asphalt, which help the bond become stronger.

(2) Maintenance. After the sealing layer is laid, the construction vehicles must be prohibited to brake and turn around. The traffic should be closed. After the construction of the SBS modified asphalt seal is closely connected with the construction of the lower layer, the underlayer of the construction asphalt need to start. And the traffic can be opened after the underlayer is finished. On the surface of the waterproof layer formed by the steady pressure of the rubber roller, the adhesion of the crushed stone and the asphalt is very strong. The ductility of the modified asphalt (elastic recovery) is strong. It can effectively delay and reduce the appearance reflection cracks on the surface layer of the base.

(3) Field quality inspection. The asphalt chip seal should be uniformly distributed without leakage and overthickness of the oil layer. While the asphalt layer and the aggregate layer should be distributed evenly, without any leakage. The inspections are divided into total amount inspection and single point inspection. The former one controls the overall spraying amount of the construction section, and calculates the spraying area according to the length and width of the construction section. Then calculates the overall spraying amount; the latter controls the amount and uniformity of the single point spraying.

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