Asphalt Chip Spreader

Asphalt Chip Spreader

The penetrating layer oil should be sprayed in time after the base roll forming. The penetrating layer oil is made of cationic slow cracking emulsified asphalt PC-2. The technical requirements of emulsified asphalt shall be implemented in accordance with the Technical Specification for Construction of Highway Asphalt Pavement (JTGF40-2004). Before penetration construction, the top surface of the base should be thoroughly cleaned to keep the top surface of the base clean. The penetrating emulsified asphalt is evenly sprayed by asphalt spraying truck at one time. When the spraying of asphalt spraying truck is uneven, manual asphalt spraying machine should be used instead.

Asphalt chip spreader is a kind of black pavement construction machinery, which is the main equipment of highway, urban road, airport and port terminal construction. It is used to build asphalt pavement or maintain asphalt pavement. Asphalt sprayer can be used to transport and spray liquid asphalt (including hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt and residue). It can also be used for the spraying of permeable oil, waterproof layer and bonding layer at the bottom of asphalt pavement of high-grade highway.
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