A Manufacturing Method Of Chip Spreader

A Manufacturing Method Of Chip Spreader

Stone chips refer to granules of 2-10 mm in diameter obtained by rolling and sieving crushed stones. Stone chips, also known as artificial sand, have rough surface, sharp edges and corners, and contain more powders with particle size less than 0.16 mm. The stone chips spreader is mainly used to spread a uniform layer of stone chips with the same particle diameter on the basis of spraying asphalt on the pavement, which are spread on the asphalt pavement.

At present, the Chinese patent No. CN202055150U discloses a stone chips spreader with an independent power device. It includes a dump truck body and a scrap spreading device mounted on the dump truck body. The scrap distributor comprises an operation platform on which an engine driving the scrap distributor is installed. The chip spreader has fewer components and is easy to install.

But in the process of spreading stone debris, stone powder will fall with stone debris. Because of its small particle size and light weight, it is easy to disperse around the spreader, resulting in more dust around the spreader and polluting the construction environment. In view of the shortcomings of the existing technology, the utility model provides a chip spreader to reduce the stone powder scattered around the spreader and purify the construction environment.

In the process of the car body driving the storage tank forward, the stone chips in the storage tank vibrate with the car body, and the smaller size of the stone chips fall into the stone powder trough through the filter hole. Because the stone chips can not pass through the filter holes, they remain in the stone chips trough. The debris in the groove falls from the upper end of the spreader and falls out from the lower end of the spreader, evenly spreading on the working surface. The setting of filter board has a certain filtering effect on stone chips. Some of the stone powder is left in the stone powder trough, and the amount of stone powder falling out with the stone chips decreases, which makes the construction environment cleaner.
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