"Environmental protection first, shing the future" Metong Road environmental asphalt mixing plant ha

"Environmental protection first, shing the future" Metong Road environmental asphalt mixing plant ha

On September 15th, “Environmental Protection First, Shining the Future”, the on-site observation meeting of Metong Environmental Asphalt Mixing Station held by Metong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. was held as scheduled in Xiangshan, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. In the early morning of the 15th, the experts and customers visited the construction site of the Zhejiang Sanmenwan Bridge and the connecting line project (Ningbo part) in Maoyang Township, Xiangshan, Zhejiang Province, and watched the production process of the mixing station. After a series of environmental protection measures are understood,  many industry experts and consumers greeted on the spot. For example , main building of the mixing station adopts an inner closed environmental protection type, and the dust is controlled from the internal structure design of the main building, which does not need to be outsourced to meet the environmental protection requirements, avoiding the internal temperature being too high due to the closure of outsourcing, and the dust ,which will make parts easily damaged and maintenance inconvenient.
Zhao Jicheng, executive vice president and technical director of the company, introduced the technical characteristics of the Metong Heavy Machinery 4000 DLB environmental asphalt mixing plant, which is a multi-functional, intelligent and interconnected environmentally friendly asphalt mixing plant that meets the current Chinese environmental standards. The modular design makes the DLB 4000 more convenient to install and move. At the same time, the company, bitumen mixing plant manufacturer, will reserve a variety of available interfaces for the equipment according to market demand, and it is convenient to install thermal regeneration equipment, cold recycling equipment, colored asphalt and various additives. A slight modification and additional auxiliary equipment can be used as a mixing device for asphalt mixture and cement concrete, which can meet the construction requirements of users for different working conditions. The asphalt mixing station realizes the collection and storage of real-time online, system parameters, image data and other massive information, which is convenient for users to monitor the production process and control the production on site. At the same time, the use of network and communication services, operators can remotely control the equipment, greatly improving work efficiency; not only that, equipment service maintenance personnel can use the remote system to make fault diagnosis. Determine the equipment failure point in the fastest way, choose the best maintenance treatment plan, and provide efficient working mode for equipment production.
Zhejiang Metong Road Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specialize in road maintenance machinery, including series asphalt spreader, series synchronous sealer and road maintenance regeneration products, winter emergency snow removal equipment, asphalt processing equipment and environmental asphalt mixing plant. Metong has been adhering to the principle of “expertise prolongs quality, quality cultivates brand”, providing professional and high-quality equipment to serve the wider society.
For several years, the company has been adhering to the technical concept of “ combining the latest international technology with domestic road construction”, and has cooperated with internationally renowned road construction and equipment manufacturing enterprises, and has long-term in-depth technology with many domestic universities and famous enterprises. Metong Heavy Machinery has won many honors at the national, provincial and ministerial levels for many times and has won the top 50 of China's construction machinery products for many times.
With the country's emphasis on environmental protection, the "inside closed" environmentally friendly mixing station, which is designed and produced by Metong Heavy Machinery , has won the favor of more and more users with advanced technology, excellent quality and perfect after-sales service system. In the future, the company will have more brilliant development prospects in the road machinery industry.
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