How to Solve the Uneven Distribution of Bitumen Sprayer?

How to Solve the Uneven Distribution of Bitumen Sprayer?

1. Improve nozzle structure

This has the following purposes: Firstly, in order to adapt to the structure of the spray pipe, the bitumen flow distribution of each nozzle is nearly uniform. Secondly, the shape and size of the spray projection surface of the single nozzle meet the design requirements, achieve the best, and make the bitumen in the area. The flow distribution meets the design requirements. Thirdly, the construction requirements for different types of bitumen and different sprinkling quantities are met.

2. Properly increase the speed of the spray car

As long as the speed of the intelligent bitumen sprayer changes within a reasonable range, there is no influence on the longitudinal uniformity of the bitumen spread. Because when the vehicle speed is faster, the amount of bitumen sprinkled per unit time becomes larger, and the amount of bitumen spread per unit area remains unchanged, and the change of vehicle speed has a greater impact on lateral uniformity.

When the vehicle speed is fast, the flow rate of a single nozzle per unit time becomes large. The spray projection surface increases and the number of overlaps increases. At the same time, the jet velocity is increased and the bitumen collision energy is increased. The effect of “shock-splashing and homogenization” is enhanced, and the horizontal spreading is more uniform. Therefore, the faster speed should be adopted as appropriate to ensure the horizontal uniformity is always optimal.

3. Improve bitumen properties

When the viscosity of the bitumen is large, the flow resistance of the bitumen is large, the injection molding is small, and the number of overlaps is reduced. In order to overcome these deficiencies, the general practice is to increase the nozzle diameter. However, this will inevitably reduce the jet velocity and weaken the "shock-splash-homogenization" effect, making the horizontal sprinkling uneven. In order to improve the performance of bitumen construction process, the bitumen properties should be improved.

4. Adjust the height of the spray pipe from the ground and realize closed loop control

Since the spray fan angle is affected by factors such as speed, bitumen type, temperature, viscosity, etc., the height of the ground is preferably determined according to the construction experience and adjusted according to this:

The height of the spray pipe from the ground is too large, which will reduce the impact of the bitumen spray and weaken the effect of “shock-splash-homogenization”. If the height of the spray pipe is too low, the number of overlaps of the bitumen spray fan surface will be reduced. The height of the spray pipe should be adjusted according to the actual situation to improve the bitumen spray effect.

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