Asphalt Equipment Maintenance and Pavement Asphalt Repair

Asphalt Equipment Maintenance and Pavement Asphalt Repair

Modified asphalt machine transfer pumps and other motors and reducers are required to be maintained in accordance with the instructions. What are the measures for maintaining modified asphalt equipment?

Every six months, it is necessary to remove the dust from the control cabinet once. You can use a dust blower to remove dust and prevent the dust from entering the machine and damaging the machine.

The colloid mill needs to add butter once per 100 tons of emulsified asphalt. After using the modified asphalt equipment agitator, it is necessary to check the oil mark frequently.

If the modified asphalt machine is parked for a long time, it is necessary to drain the liquid in the tank and in the pipeline. Each moving part also needs to be filled with lubricating oil. Maintenance of modified asphalt equipment can extend the lifespan.

Asphalt cold feed is a material often used for quick repair of asphalt pavement pits.

The construction process is described as follows:

1. Defining the repaired area: According to the relevant technical specifications, the pit type is divided and the repaired area is determined.

2. Slotting: The slot is cut into a rectangular slot by a slitting machine.

3. Cleaning the pit: Remove the gravel and residual materials in and around the pit, so that the pit structure has good embedding, so that the new material has a good bonding effect on the road surface.

4. Adhesive layer: Brush or spray emulsified asphalt at the bottom and around the pit.

5. Filling: Fill the cold-filled asphalt mixture into the pit, and then manually level the pit repair.

6. Compaction: Use a flat plate or roller to rectify the repaired area to compaction

7. Repair the perimeter.

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